Tour-de-Sock is a speed knitting contest based loosely on the famous bicycle race with a similar name. It will consist of six stages and points will be awarded based on finishing position for each stage.

At the beginning of each stage, a new pattern will be released on the Tour-de-Sock webpage. At that point, racers will knit like the wind!  The pattern page will be password protected and racers will be given the user name and password prior to the competition beginning.

Upon completion of a pair of socks, the racer must email a picture of the socks to the Race Director and post a picture to the discussion thread on Ravelry for that stage. Finishing order will be determined by the time stamp of the email, but both steps must be completed.

The overall (individual) winner will be the racer who accumulates the most points through all six stages.

There will also be a team competition.  See below for the details.

Age Requirements

Because of the concerns the Race Committee has for the safety of minors online, Racers must be 18 years of age or older.  This requirement will be waived if the parent/guardian of the underage Racer is also participating in the race. 

Minimum Size Requirement

Socks must be a minimum of a women’s size six (US) with a foot length of nine inches. Minimum requirements for number of rows or pattern repeats will be based on this number.  If the minimum is a clearly visible number of pattern repeats, you may be permitted to work the sock at a tighter gauge to achieve a smaller sock if you wish, but if the foot is predominantly stockinette, you may be required to show a gauge photo and ruler photo.

There will be no modifications of the patterns as written unless specifically announced by the Race Director prior to the beginning of the stage.  Working parts of socks in two different sizes (ie the leg according to the large size of the pattern and the foot as a small) is not considered a modification as long as the sock never goes below the minimums stated here or in the Pattern Release Notes. 


Individual Competition

The Individual Winner of the Tour-de-Sock will be the Racer who accumulates the most points throughout the competition. 

In the event of a points tie, the victor will be determined by average finishing position for all stages. Should a tie still exist, the winner will be determined by number of stage victories.  Should that still not break the tie, there will be a single sock knit-off.

Team Competition

Teams of up to seven members can be formed.  After each stage, the total points earned by the first five individual members will be added to the team score.                                                     

If a team member uses yarn from one of the Event Sponsors and finishes the stage in the time allotted, 1 bonus point will be awarded.  All team members are eligible to earn this bonus, not just the first five finishers.  (ie – seven people finish and have used sponsor yarn, the team gets 7 bonus points)  This bonus is ONLY for the team competition and will not be awarded in the individual race. 

Points System

Current Points Schedule posted on Ravelry.com


Bonus Points

There may be situations during a stage in which a racer or team can earn bonus points by doing “extra” work on a pattern. These opportunities will be presented prior to the beginning of each stage in the Pattern Release Notes.

“Hey!  You Finished!” Prizes

A random drawing will be held from all of each stage’s finishers for a skein of sock yarn.

Surpise Finishers

Prior to the competition, the Race Officials are going to pick a random finishing position for each stage that will receive a prize.  Maybe it's the last person to cross the line.  Maybe it's the exact middle.  Maybe it's #42.  We'll know, you won't, until after the stage is complete.  :-)

Prize Distribution

All prizes earned will be distributed at the end of competition. 


Do not use this group for solicitation or self-promotion unless you are an Event Sponsor or Prize Donor. 


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