How much does registration cost?

Registration will be $10.  From this amount, the Race Organizer will deduct Paypal fees and shipping costs for the prizes at the end of the game.  The remaining amount will be donated to Doctors without Borders.  It is the goal of the Race Organizers to keep overhead as low as possible to maximize the donation to charity at the end of the game.   The Race Director, referees, and designers are not making any money from this competition and are working strictly as volunteers.  An Income Statement will be released at the end of the game so all participants will know how much was raised, where the expenses went and how much was donated.

What if I don’t finish a stage? Do I still get the rest of the patterns?

Yes, with your registration, you are assured of receiving all six sock patterns. The username and password that you receive when you register will still work, even if you are not able to complete a stage.

What if I’m not such a speedy knitter?

Register anyway! Get the patterns and support a great cause! This is also a really fun knit-along! Cheer for your favorite racers and teams along the way!

What if I’m a beginning sock knitter?

The patterns in this contest are designed to be challenging, but you should register anyway! Flex your knitting muscles and try something you may have been intimidated by before. I’m sure other racers will be happy to answer questions along the way!

Can I join a team even if I'm not really fast?

Certainly!  Just be honest with the other racers when you are forming teams about your goals.  If you're in it for the social aspect, not the race, there will be other like-minded knitters.

How important is gauge, really?

Pretty important if you're worried about fit.  The Race Director will let you know about minimum requirements when a pattern is released (ie, # of rows or pattern repeats that must be done for a sock to qualify).  If you are working looser gauge than called for, you will end up with a bigger sock.  If you are off-gauge and end up with a sock that is too big, please do not get upset with the Race Officials or Designer.  When we calculate minimums, we use the stated gauge and allow for a bit of negative ease.  However, if the gauge calls for 12 rows per inch and you are knitting at 11, you could end up with a sock that's nearly and inch too long.  We will typically not ask for a gauge photo, so this is up to you.  This can work to your advantage, though, if you have a smaller foot.  You can tighten up your gauge and end up with a smaller sock.

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